WordPress tip: Make the most of your WordPress account

Over the last semester, I have been doing this blog as an assignment for my Online Communications class at MSUM. I’m not a WordPress Pro quite yet, but I’ve come up with a tip for fellow WordPress users to get the most of your account. My advice is to follow fellow bloggers! Here is how to find some blogs that will interest you.

  1. Explore topics you’re interested in. On your WordPress reader page, you will see this box on the right hand side. You can type in topics you’re interested in, or click explore topics to find some popular topics.
    Explore Topics
  2. You know how when you’re shopping online and something pops up on the bottom of the screen that says since you like this one shirt you may also like these other shoes? It’s usually pretty accurate and quite handy – WordPress does the same thing! Check out the blogs that WordPress says you may like.
    Blogs you may like
  3. Follow your friends on WordPress! Well, at least the ones you like anyways. WordPress can search your social media accounts to find which of your friends have a WordPress blog.

    Follow your friends

The more people you follow, the more followers you will likely get, which essentially means more views! And who doesn’t feel good when they see how many people have viewed their blog recently!?

What are your tips for making the most of your WordPress account? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “WordPress tip: Make the most of your WordPress account

  1. I would say exploring the themes is a good tip! There are so many different kinds and ways you can customize them, it’s fun to go through the list and check them all out.

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