Six Degrees of Separation: ‘Teen Mom’s’ Chelsea Houska

It’s a small world and when you live in South Dakota, it’s even smaller. I’m from a small town in Northeastern South Dakota by Aberdeen. Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska lives in Sioux Falls, which is about 3 1/2 hours south of my hometown. (Measuring distance in hours is a South Dakota thing.) I have a couple different paths to reach the Queen of big hair and leopard print, but I will share one connection.

My friend from high school met Chelsea’s hair stylist (who is now featured on Teen Mom as well) through mutual friends in the Twin Cities. He’s even cut my friend’s hair. So basically, my friend knows someone who knows Chelsea Houska. My connection to Chelsea then connects me to all of the other Teen Mom stars, and the rest of the MTV family. See, it really is a small world out there.

Also, there are multiple other connections can be made to connect me to Chelsea’s baby daddy Adam Lind. We have five Facebook friends in common. This is so exciting. One of my other high school friends was on a party bus with him and his new baby momma a couple months ago. Yeah, thats right… Adam knocked up another girl.

On a side note, I saw Chelsea at the Brown County Fair in Aberdeen last summer. She is a big Dierks Bentley fan and he was playing at there. She and a couple friends were drunk as a skunk walking around the fairgrounds. They even got to go backstage and meet Dierks.

Ugh… why am I not a famous reality TV star so I too can meet my favorite country stars at their concerts? My life is boring.

It's a small world. South Dakota is even smaller.

It’s a small world. South Dakota is even smaller.


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