‘Bachelor’ Recap: Tierra and her eyebrow are sent packing

Yes, I watch The Bachelor. I’m fully aware of how cheesy, fake and ridiculous the show is which I think makes my Bachelor obsession not SO ridiculous. Right?

Sean takes the girls to St. Croix to narrow his field down to the final four. AshLee gets the rolling around on the beach half naked one-on-one date. She takes this time to break the cardinal rule of the Bachelor – aka warning him about the villain of the house, Tierra. This date is pretty much a snoozer until AshLee drops the bomb that she was married at age 17. The most cringe-worthy part of the date was when AshLee screamed at the top of her lungs “I love Sean!” I was embarrassed for her.

Sean and AshLee enjoy some alone time on the beach during their one-on-one date.

Sean, AshLee and an entire Bachelor crew enjoy a romantic moment on the beach.

Des, Catherine and Lindsay get the group date. Sean sneaks into the girls’ room and wakes everyone up by taking pictures of them. Just how every girl wants to be awoken – on national television with no make-up. Sean takes the girls on one end of the island to see the sun rise and proceeds to tell them that they will travel to the other end of the island to see the sun set. They will do all sorts of fun activities in between. My first thought when Sean tells the girls this is that I wouldn’t be able to go on this date without nap time somewhere in between these activities. Sunrise to sunset is a lot to ask of me. Catherine reveals her dad’s struggles with depression, Des cries about how much she loves her family and Lindsay gets the rose.

The most romantic way to watch a sunrise... you, your boyfriend, and his two other girlfriends. Ah, true love.

The most romantic way to watch a sunrise… you, your boyfriend and his two other girlfriends.

The highlight of the episode came when Tierra and AshLee yell at each other about Tierra’s ‘sparkle’ and eyebrow. AshLee is upset because she doesn’t like the way Tierra’s eyebrow looks at her in the morning. It was at this moment that I realized I’ve really matured because I am now able to laugh at Bachelor villains instead of scream at my TV. I’ve come a long way since Jake and Vienna.

Sean eventually sends Tierra home, and later sends home Lesley at the rose ceremony. The final four will go on hometown dates next week. I can hardly wait…

To get you through the rest of this Bachelor-less week, enjoy this video of Tierra’s confrontation with AshLee.


One thought on “‘Bachelor’ Recap: Tierra and her eyebrow are sent packing

  1. I love your blog! I think you could really go places with it. 🙂 Also, I won’t judge you for watching the Bachelor if you won’t judge me for watching Teen Mom lol

    (ps if you didnt know, I’m in your MC351 class)

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