I Wish I was a Celebrity

Ok, I said it. I wish I was a celebrity, but there are only few slight problems: One- I’m a terrible singer, which I was told for the first time AFTER singing in front of a church full of people at a Christmas program (sorry First Lutheran).  Two – My first and last stab at acting was our fourth grade play (as if fourth grade isn’t embarrassing enough). And three- the formal dance training I had involved a bunch of teenagers awkwardly moving their arms around in the dark while dressed in black clothing and holding glowsticks.

Lucky for me, reality television was created, allowing talentless people everywhere become famous instantly. The option of taking a stab at reality television has crossed my mind once or twice (or a couple more times after that), but I ultimately decided that I’d much rather make fun of reality TV stars than become one myself.

That is what brought me to this blog. Here you will find my outlook on reality television, celebrities and random thoughts about my normal, un-famous life.


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